Diablo IV Characters Screenshot Featured

Diablo IV Preview – A New Chapter Beckons

Diablo IV promises a dark and immersive leap forward for the franchise, blending beloved elements with groundbreaking features, set to enthrall both seasoned veterans and fresh adventurers alike.

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Xbox Hardware news

Xbox Series X and PS5 side-by-side

Xbox & PlayStation Release Dates, Specs and Prices

With the next-gen Xbox & PlayStation release dates nearing, we look at the two consoles in more detail.

11 Sep, 2020



Call of Duty Black Ops MP Reveal

CoD Black Ops Cold War MP Reveal

What we've all been waiting for is finally here. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal.

04 Sep, 2020




Xbox One update coming April

Today’s announcement from Microsoft is the next step in the continual improvement the Xbox One is undergoing. Microsoft are inviting users to help give feedback on what needs the most attention the soonest. After

18 Mar, 2014



Xbox One

Xbox One party chat sucks…here’s a solution

The Problem Microsoft has been open about the fact that there are issues with the Xbox One’s software, well, open about some of the issues. Each week that passes seems to spawn a

31 Jan, 2014



What is the “WAR” mentality in the so-called console ‘debate’?

Okay, since 2000, Sony has shipped nearly quarter of billion PlayStations in the different guises of two, three and now four. Similarly, Microsoft, since 2000, has shipped nearly 110 million

11 Jan, 2014



PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 Availability Worldwide Trumps the Xbox One

The console debate has been incredibly heated since the release of the next-gen iterations of both the Playstation and Xbox. Ranging from Sony having a better day one policy than

22 Dec, 2013




PATCH UPDATES: The Single Biggest Threat to the Future of Next-gen Gaming

The console launches, last November, of Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen video games platforms marked a new era in home video game console playability. The increases in graphics, social networking and

16 Dec, 2013



Xbox One vs PS4

PS4 vs Xbox One – A Tale of Two Consoles

There seems to be a very odd approach taken in explaining the sales figures of the PS4 and the Xbox One. Many news sources, like The Daily Mirror, The Independent and

11 Dec, 2013



Xbox One

THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS: Microsoft’s quietness over possible Xbox One shortage means there could be a looming supply problem?

The Xbox has a very long history of product launch ‘cock-ups’, which is not that surprising when you consider Xbox is a subsidiary of the king of cock-ups, that is

12 Nov, 2013