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Nintendo Switch Accessories

At Ultimate Gaming Paradise, we stock all types of Nintendo Switch OLED & Switch Lite accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

Browse our collection of Nintendo Switch accessories and discover the next must-have accessory for your Switch OLED & Switch Lite! We proudly sell Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda accessories to highlight your favourite games.

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Nintendo Switch Accessories

One of the reasons gamers love the Nintendo Switch is its ability to go anywhere, anytime. You can customise your experience to your liking with a wide variety of accessories, cases, headsets and controllers.

Nintendo Fitness Accessories

Did you realise that your Nintendo Switch can be used for more than simply gaming? Unlock fun new ways to exercise with games like Nintendo Switch Sports and the Switch Leg Strap accessory. You can workout, have adventures, play RPGs and more with games like Ring Fit Adventure, Just Dance, and Fitness Boxing! To get the most out of your workout, you may need to buy some additional accessories and we’ve got you covered.

Nintendo Switch Sports Screenshot

To improve your experience, we stock the Let’s Get Fit Sports Strap and the Nintendo Switch Leg Strap. You can exercise both your lower and upper body while using the Joy-Cons to track additional fitness data. They work with a variety of Switch games and are simple to use and comfy.

Protect Your Switch

For protecting your Switch OLED or Switch Lite, we offer a huge selection of carrying cases and screen protectors. The Switch was designed to fit in a backpack and be transported on journeys and commutes so make sure your Switch is safe & sound before heading to class, the office or on holiday.

Whether you choose a covert, minimalist style or love flaunting your favourite game; we have the Nintendo Switch carry case for you. Browse carrying cases with Splatoon 3, Pokémon and more themes.

Split Pads

Do you play your Switch mostly in handheld mode? Many gamers note that the Switch is a great mobile gaming console, but the Joy-Cons can be a bit small and awkward. The HORI Split Pad Pro solves this issue by using full-sized controllers attached to the side of the Switch OLED console. This makes it easier for gamers to play for longer and helps you get a better grip on your Switch.

Utilise the HORI Nintendo Switch Red Split Pad Pro in handheld mode to enjoy the full-size controller! It has big shoulder buttons, a precise D-pad, and full-size analogue sticks for comfort and accuracy even during extended gaming sessions.

Assignable rear triggers, Turbo functionality, and other advanced features are included. Perfect for a variety of genres, including fast-paced action games. It fits in the dock while the controllers are still attached, giving quick access without hassle.

HORI Nintendo Switch Red Split Pad Pro Angled Front View