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Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles

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Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed specifically for people who like playing video games on the go. You can easily throw your Nintendo Switch Lite in your bag and start playing your favourite games wherever you go because it is small and light. With built-in controllers and a battery life of 3 – 7 hours, these devices are intended to provide you with uninterrupted gameplay while you are on the go.

With the built-in controls, playing while on the road is simple—no more fiddling with cords or carrying extra accessories. With a whopping 32 GB of internal storage space, you can keep all of your favourite games close at hand. Want more room? Add a microSDHC or microSDXC card and you’re good to go.

At Ultimate Gaming Paradise, we have a wide range of Nintendo Switch Lite consoles available, including the full range of colours and limited-release versions.

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Benefits of the Switch Lite

While some gamers may be confused as to why one would be interested in the Nintendo Switch Lite rather than the standard dockable version, there are many benefits. Firstly, this handheld-only version has a 5.5″ screen, similar to your phone, allowing it to be incredibly portable and wieldy. If you’re someone who is always playing on the go and packing your Switch and case into a bag, you’ll know that over time, it becomes heavy or uncomfortable to play. It also can take up far too much space in your backpack. The Switch Lite has a 720p display—the same as the original Switch but in a more condensed case allowing for the same specs but with a lighter, smaller feel. It provides you with three to seven hours of battery, depending on which games you’re playing.

Another great reason to purchase the Switch Lite is the price. It is priced significantly lower than the standard Switch OLED, making it a great mobile gaming console.