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If you need some advice about or a little help, please give the team a call. We’ll be more than happy to answer any question you have and are here to assist in any way we can.

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While the live chat isn’t manned at all times, please feel free to drop us a message anytime, day or night.

About Ultimate Gaming Paradise

At Ultimate Gaming Paradise, we have a simple motto. To deliver unbiased content in our own unique way; with a bucket load of honesty and a sprinkling of humour.

Our goal to portray how something makes us feel. It could be a game we’re playing that keeps us on the edge of our seats with an incredible story, or blows us away with graphics and gameplay.

Perhaps a piece of news about something so awesome or disastrous we can’t wait to tell you every single little detail about it. Whatever it may be, we want you to enjoy reading about it and be informed without being bored half to death in the process!

What we dream of creating is a site where you’ll hear about a game being announced and then will follow the game as it develops, till we review it. And then, if you want to buy it; it’s nice and convenient for you to do so.

Planned Features

There’s going to be lots of reasons to come to Ultimate Gaming Paradise to keep track of things, features in development are Story Follow, Birthday Presents and UGP Points.

Click on the “Follow Story” button and every time we publish something to do with that story, you’ll be notified.

When it’s your birthday, how about a present? You’ll receive a voucher to redeem in the store; and who doesn’t love birthday presents. Pretty cool right?

How about more vouchers based on points accrued through shopping at Ultimate Gaming Paradise? Get enough, get a game. And no, it won’t take 10 years to save up £50 worth of points!

That’s just 3 of the dozens of ideas we have to make Ultimate Gaming Paradise the BEST gaming site on the planet! We hope that combined with our articles and a tonne of features you can’t get anywhere else…you won’t want to go anywhere else.