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Nintendo Switch Consoles

Game on the go with a Nintendo Switch Console 

Check out our range of Nintendo Switch consoles below. All are available with Next-Day delivery. Shop our range of Switch console deals. Choose from a vast range of options such as the standalone ever-popular Nintendo Switch OLED Neon console or opt for a Nintendo switch console bundle and get a head start on games.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Consoles

You already know how adaptable the Nintendo Switch OLED is—allowing you to play games at home or on the road. It has won innumerable players’ hearts all over the world. Numerous games for the Nintendo Switch feature well-known and loved figures from AAA franchises like Mario and Link, as well as beloved indies like Stardew Valley and Hollow Knight.

Ultimate Gaming Paradise sells the Nintendo Switch OLED console and all are available with next-day delivery options. Shop our range of Nintendo Switch console deals and special editions.

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The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the most recent in a long line of innovative Nintendo consoles. It has gained international popularity since its premiere in 2017 and is loved by both children and adults. With the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller, which operates through both buttons and motion controls on either side of the console when in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch system has unrivalled adaptability. They can be disconnected from the console and used as a traditional controller when the Switch is hooked up to your TV or monitor in docked mode.

Play your favourite games on the go in handheld mode or at home on a connected TV, which is ideal for the Switch’s great library of couch co-op games.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo revitalised the Switch with the OLED version. Play all of your favourite Nintendo Switch games but now with an upgraded 7″ OLED screen. Other notable Switch OLED upgrades include:

  • Improved adjustable kickstand
  • Double the storage of the original Switch – now 64GB
  • Improved dock with an included ethernet port for faster downloads and more reliable online play
  • Less bezel around the screen, adding more real estate for your games
  • Longer battery life
OLED Switch

Great Exclusive Nintendo Switch Games

Explore our wide assortment of Nintendo Switch games for your Nintendo system. Family entertainment has never been more pleasurable, thanks to classics like Mario Kart and Zelda, as well as fitness games like Just Dance to get your heart pumping and get the kids off the sofa. Or create your own universe and play at your own pace if you enjoy imaginative games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Minecraft.

Some players adore Nintendo’s JRPG offerings, including Octopath Traveler, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Astral Chain. The Switch also offers a large number of console-only titles that are unavailable elsewhere. In reality, a lot of gamers who play mostly on PC still favour the Switch due to its portability and exclusives. Some of the most popular exclusive Switch games are: