Diablo IV Characters Screenshot Featured

Diablo IV Preview – A New Chapter Beckons

Diablo IV promises a dark and immersive leap forward for the franchise, blending beloved elements with groundbreaking features, set to enthrall both seasoned veterans and fresh adventurers alike.

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Reactions to the Playstation Showcase 2023

It’s been two years since we last saw a Playstation Showcase. Here's our reaction to everything we saw in the 70 minute Showcase hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan.

25 May, 2023



SONY PlayStation Showcase 2023 Preview

A preview of some things we might be able to expect from SONY's 2023 PlayStation Showcase. Watch it here!

24 May, 2023



Microsoft Activision Blizzard Poster

UK Regulator Blocks Microsoft – Activision Blizzard Deal

Competition and Markets Authority blocks Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard in order to protect innovation in cloud gaming.

26 Apr, 2023



DrDisrespect Poster 1

DrDisrespect Suing Twitch Over 2020 Ban

DrDisrespect opens up on the events of his 2020 Twitch ban and reveals he is suing Twitch over the ban.

24 Aug, 2021



Cosy Games and Chill at E3 with Wholesome Direct

If you're a fan of more relaxing games, then you need to know about Wholesome Games. Check out the Wholesome Direct 2021 presentation at E3 2021.

12 Jun, 2021



PC Gaming Show E3 2021 Poster

The PC Gaming Show at E3 – What to Expect

The PC Gaming Show at E3 is scheduled for June 13. Here's what to expect from the event.

09 Jun, 2021



Warner Bros. Games Logo Poster

Warner Bros. Confirm: No Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad at E3 Event

Warner Bros. Games has announced that they will not be showcasing some rumoured and teased games at E3 2021.

08 Jun, 2021



E3 Expo 2021 Logo Art

Game Announcements You Should Get Excited For at E3 2021

A little bit of prediction, a little bit of teaser-based assumption—a roundup of the most-anticipated game announcements expected at E3 2021.

08 Jun, 2021



Nintendo Mario Stand

Nintendo Direct at E3 2021: Game Release Line-up

The confirmed line-up of games being showcased by Nintendo at this year's E3 2021 expo.

07 Jun, 2021