Magic: Legends Cover Art Featured

Magic: Legends – Dead Before Arrival?

In an interesting turn of developments, it seems the new action RPG based on Magic: the Gathering has been pulled from release due to the response of the beta testing audience.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2 Artwork

Breath of the Wild 2 is Coming to the E3 Direct Event

It looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is finally getting a release date. Come June 15, we'll know for sure.

12 Jun, 2021



Battlefield 2042 Poster 11

Battlefield 2042: All the Details We Know from E3

Here's a rundown of all the details EA has shared about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 title—coming October 22.

12 Jun, 2021



E3 Expo 2021 Logo Art

Game Announcements You Should Get Excited For at E3 2021

A little bit of prediction, a little bit of teaser-based assumption—a roundup of the most-anticipated game announcements expected at E3 2021.

08 Jun, 2021



Battlefield Reveal Trailer Poster

Battlefield 6 Official Reveal Trailer Countdown

The trailer is going official and here's the YouTube link to the premier.

08 Jun, 2021



Atari VCS Console Poster 7879

Atari VCS – A New Console Challenge or Dead on Arrival?

Atari has been developing a new game console in the background of everything going on recently. And now, the Atari VCS is ready!

04 Jun, 2021



Evergate Poster

Evergate on PlayStation 5 delayed

Originally slated for a dual-platform release on both the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on June 4th, the PS5 version has been delayed to July 5th.

02 Jun, 2021



Horizon Forbidden West Wallpaper

Horizon Forbidden West – One of the Most Desired Games This Year?

Check out Sony's State of Play, Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage. It's coming later this year and looks like an absolute must-have.

01 Jun, 2021



The House of the Dead Remake Cover Art

House of the Dead Remake – Top Quality Nintendo Switch Zombie Shooting

It’s almost 25 years since the very first House of the Dead game entered arcades around the world. Not it's coming to Nintendo Switch

15 Apr, 2021



Mass Effect Legendary Edition Wallpaper

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Remastered Beautifully

With improved lighting, brand new textures and a host of environmental effects, Mass Effect Legendary Edition looks completely stunning. And, it's out soon!

15 Apr, 2021