PlayStation Showcase 2021 Logo Poster Featured

Reactions to the PlayStation Showcase 2021

PlayStation Showcase 2021 was certainly exciting with a lot of exclusive PS5 titles revealed. Crispin reviews and gives his thoughts.

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Horror Game news

Dead Space Cover Poster

Dead Space – Back from the Dead?

Dead Space came out of nowhere to provide a slice of gaming horror that was downright frightening—and it looks like it might be back!

02 Jul, 2021



FarCry 6 Poster

Unmissable Game Trailers From E3

The must-watch trailers from E3 2021. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

22 Jun, 2021



Xbox Game Pass Poster

Every Xbox Game Pass Title Announced at E3 2021

Here's a quick roundup of the titles that were announced to be joining Xbox Game Pass at E3 2021.

22 Jun, 2021



Elden Ring Poster

Elden Ring – Details from the Developer

A few new details from the developer of the upcoming title, Elden Ring. Scheduled for release in January 2022.

22 Jun, 2021



Resident Evil Village Scene 1

Resident Evil Village Comes Ever Closer

This weekend saw the PlayStation community get a second short demo of the latest game in the series—Resident Evil Vilage.

13 May, 2021



The House of the Dead Remake Cover Art

House of the Dead Remake – Top Quality Nintendo Switch Zombie Shooting

It’s almost 25 years since the very first House of the Dead game entered arcades around the world. Not it's coming to Nintendo Switch

15 Apr, 2021



Bloober Team release new character teaser trailer for The Medium

The latest video reveals a new mysterious narrative for the second layer of the story in the upcoming psychological horror.

03 Dec, 2020