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Dead Space – Back from the Dead?

It’d be quite easy to make lots of zombie-like puns and references about the idea of the classic sci-fi space-horror game Dead Space returning to the gaming world, but we’re above such things here at UGP!

Instead, we’re just quietly excited about this prospect.

Dead Space is a classic. In a world of Silent Hills and Resident Evils (or should that be Residents Evil?) Dead Space came out of nowhere to provide a slice of gaming horror that was downright frightening. The PS3 / Xbox 360 original and its sequel caused many sleepless nights, either because of the scares involved or simply because the game was so engrossing that players would need physically removing from their consoles to stop playing.

Going through the dark silence of space as Isaac, with a floating HUD and laser cutter, your only friends, as hordes of crawling grotesques threatened to tear you limb-from-limb was a real experience and one that has been sorely missed. Arguably, EA ruined it a bit with Dead Space 3 and its poor inclusion of a co-op mode, but let us let bygones be bygones and hope for a new take on the franchise which remembers the sublime brilliance of the original.

Dead Space Cover Poster

So, what makes us talk about Dead Space? Well, there’s a strong rumour going around that says that it’s another of the older IPs that EA is looking to revive, with an official announcement potentially coming from Electronic Arts during their EA Play Live digital event on July 22nd.

The new Dead Space will be a reimagining, rather than a sequel to the first trilogy of games, and is being developed by EA’s Motive studio, the people who brought us Star Wars: Squadrons in October 2020.

Here’s hoping for something utterly spinechilling.