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Crispin O'Toole-Bateman

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Spider-man 2 Poster

PlayStation Showcase 2023 – 8 Best Games List with Preview & Trailers

Here's a round up of 8 games that really caught our attention during the 2023 PlayStation Showcase - with trailers for each!

25 May, 2023



Reactions to the Playstation Showcase 2023

It’s been two years since we last saw a Playstation Showcase. Here's our reaction to everything we saw in the 70 minute Showcase hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan.

25 May, 2023



Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement Art

Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS5 Review)

It's time to see if the Hot Wheels Unleashed does the Hot Wheels brand justice with our review of Hot Wheels Unleashed on PS5.

18 Oct, 2021



Kena - Bridge of Spirits Screenshot

Kena – Bridge of Spirits (PS5 Review)

Kena - Bridge of Spirits is simply beautiful. Its cutscenes are truly cinema-quality. Kena - Bridge of Spirits is an impressive title that deserves every accolade it gets.

24 Sep, 2021



PlayStation Showcase 2021 Logo Poster

Reactions to the PlayStation Showcase 2021

PlayStation Showcase 2021 was certainly exciting with a lot of exclusive PS5 titles revealed. Crispin reviews and gives his thoughts.

11 Sep, 2021



Nintendo eShop Cover Art

Nintendo Switch Indie Games – August eShop Review

A round-up and review of some indie game titles from the Nintendo eShop for the month of August.

02 Sep, 2021



Nintendo eShop Cover Art

Nintendo Switch Indie Games – July eShop Review

We look at and round up some of the latest Nintendo Switch indie games to catch our eye that hit the eShop in July.

30 Jul, 2021



Nintendo eShop Cover Art

June in the Nintendo eShop

With a run of fun puzzle games and some in-depth stories, June doesn’t disappoint. Here's June's Nintendo eShop indie game round-up.

13 Jul, 2021



Magic: Legends Cover Art

Magic: Legends – Dead Before Arrival?

In an interesting turn of developments, it seems the new action RPG based on Magic: the Gathering has been pulled from release due to the response of the beta testing audience.

02 Jul, 2021