PlayStation Showcase 2021 Logo Poster Featured

Reactions to the PlayStation Showcase 2021

PlayStation Showcase 2021 was certainly exciting with a lot of exclusive PS5 titles revealed. Crispin reviews and gives his thoughts.

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RPG Game news

Magic: Legends Cover Art

Magic: Legends – Dead Before Arrival?

In an interesting turn of developments, it seems the new action RPG based on Magic: the Gathering has been pulled from release due to the response of the beta testing audience.

02 Jul, 2021



FarCry 6 Poster

Unmissable Game Trailers From E3

The must-watch trailers from E3 2021. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

22 Jun, 2021



Starfield Logo Poster 8866

Todd Howard Says Starfield is “Still a Long Way Off”

Todd Howard reveals the latest on Starfield's development and it sounds awesome!

22 Jun, 2021



Xbox Game Pass Poster

Every Xbox Game Pass Title Announced at E3 2021

Here's a quick roundup of the titles that were announced to be joining Xbox Game Pass at E3 2021.

22 Jun, 2021



Elden Ring Poster

Elden Ring – Details from the Developer

A few new details from the developer of the upcoming title, Elden Ring. Scheduled for release in January 2022.

22 Jun, 2021



2D Metroid: Dread Poster 9609

Breath of the Wild 2 But No Switch Pro Yet: Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Quick Recap

Here's a quick roundup of Nintendo's E3 event with trailers of Breath of the Wild 2 and 2D Metroid: Dread.

16 Jun, 2021



Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle Poster

Ubisoft Forward E3 Show Highlights

Lots of exciting news and reveals coming out of Ubisoft Forward during E3 2021.

14 Jun, 2021



Elden Ring Logo Poster

At Last – Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer

There’s no doubt that Elden Ring is going to bring many hours of difficult and rewarding combat and adventure to players on its release in January. Yes, with the trailer comes a solid announcement of the release date: January 21st 2022.

11 Jun, 2021



Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Poster 9015

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance – Amusing New Gameplay Trailer

here are two things that the upcoming action RPG Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance to note: provenance and humour.

10 Jun, 2021