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EA SPORTS FC 24 Cover Image Featured

EA SPORTS FC 24: A New Era of Football Gaming

EA has finally lifted the veil on its highly anticipated FIFA replacement, EA SPORTS FC 24, in a grand reveal that has left football gaming enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. The

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Immortals of Aveum Cover Poster

Immortals of Aveum: An Epic Adventure Awaits in a World of Wonder and Conflict

Embark on an extraordinary journey in Immortals of Aveum, a captivating game teeming with rich lore, breathtaking visuals, and immersive gameplay. Traverse enchanting landscapes, solve intricate puzzles, and forge alliances as you strive for peace in a world torn by conflict.

20 Jun, 2023



The Legend of Zelda: Best & Worst of the Series

Zelda's been a Nintendo staple for over 30 years. Here, we take a look at some of the best & worst games from 1986 to 2017.

18 Aug, 2022



The Great Chip Shortage of 2020 – 2021

The great chip shortage of 2020 continues into 2021, with no sign of things abating. But, why? How? What's caused it?

29 Oct, 2021



Early eFootball 2022 Gameplay Screenshot

Is eFootball 2022 a Disaster or a Breakthrough?

eFootball 2022 is touted to be a contender to rival FIFA22 with its free-to-play and continuous development model but the initial launch has gone anything but smoothly.

12 Oct, 2021



Why did Nintendo Ignore Zelda’s 35th Anniversary?

Nintendo games are celebrating big anniversaries this year. Except for one. The Legend of Zelda turns 35 and Nintendo is seemingly ignoring it.

06 Mar, 2021



Oculus Headset

What’s the State of VR in Gaming?

Despite some very cool tech, gaming & VR haven't ever seemed to really bond. So, what is the state of VR as a gaming platform? We take a look.

02 Mar, 2021



Gaming Boom Artwork

COVID Effect – Will The Gaming Industry Boom Last?

The gaming industry has seen a boom as we all stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But will it last?

26 Feb, 2021



Xbox Series X and PS5 side-by-side

Are the PS5 and Xbox Series X the End of Gaming Consoles?

Is there a future for consoles beyond the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5? Have we reached the pinnacle of console hardware?

20 Feb, 2021



Grand Theft Auto 5 Promo Banner

Why Grand Theft Auto 5 is Still so Successful for Rockstar

Gemma takes a look at why Grand Theft Auto 5, even after 7 years since release, continues to be a massive success.

19 Feb, 2021