The House of the Dead Remake Cover Art

House of the Dead Remake – Top Quality Nintendo Switch Zombie Shooting

It’s almost 25 years since the very first House of the Dead game entered arcades around the world. Bringing zombies and excitingly improved gameplay over the other on-rails light-gun shooters of the time, House of the Dead quickly became a cabinet that arcade players crowded around, ready to shove in a flurry of £1 coins.

And now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch, remade by MegaPixel Studios.

There’s been no mention of light-guns, however, with words like “gameplay changes” and “updated controls” used to suggest that maybe it has a whole new control system instead. With only a short trailer to go on, there’s still lots on which to speculate, but two-player fun is guaranteed.

One thing is for sure though, and that’s that the House of the Dead franchise is very much back—great news for zombie lovers, or rather—lovers of zombie-killing!

House of the Dead: Remake will be out later in 2021.