Battlefield Concept Art Featured

Battlefield 6 – Is it Coming Soon? Boom!

Battlefield 6 trailer coming in June 2021? The official Twitter account is teasing that.

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Industry news

UNIGINE launches version 2.13

UNIGINE releases latest update, version 2.13

01 Dec, 2020



Women in Esports launches women-only tournaments

The British Esports Association has partnered with FACEIT as part of its ongoing Women in Esports initiative

30 Nov, 2020



Mediatonic Leamington Spa Studio

Makers of Fall Guys open new studio

Mediatonic has announced that their new studio is to open at the Mill Street creative hub.

30 Nov, 2020



Sony PlayStation 5 top end view

Sony denies PlayStation 5 manufacturing difficulties

Earlier this week, it was reported by Bloomberg that Sony is suffering PlayStation 5 manufacturing difficulties. The story claims that the console’s system-on-chip – the main circuit board – is

16 Sep, 2020



Call of Duty Black Ops MP Reveal

CoD Black Ops Cold War MP Reveal

What we've all been waiting for is finally here. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal.

04 Sep, 2020



Microsoft’s E3 Conference: A Quick Roundup of Events

Microsoft is one of the videogame sector’s biggest players. It is a giant among minnows. Its videogame division has revenues of £5.5Bn and it is a massive player in both

10 Jun, 2014



The Independent Games Developers Association says UK Videogame Industry is ‘Back on Track’

The Independent Games Developer Association (TIGA) has issued a press release summarising its Making Games in the UK Today: June 2014 Annual Report. The report outlines that “the UK videogame

10 Jun, 2014



Activision’s E3 Expo Lineup

With just over 24 hours till the official opening of this year’s E3 Expo, Activision have revealed what they’ll be wetting our appetites with at the show. Activision will be

09 Jun, 2014



Conflict Minerals: How savagery in the darkest parts of the world are making your video game consoles unethical

Ethnic cleansing, human slavery, sexual violence and dehumanisation are not usually in the same sentences as video gaming – unless you’re reviewing GTA of course. And before you fear UGP

05 Jun, 2014