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Call of Duty Black Ops MP Reveal

CoD Black Ops Cold War MP Reveal

September 9, 2020 is a date that’s been in the diary of all Call of Duty fans for the past couple of weeks. Ever since the, in my opinion, spectacular in-game CoD Black Ops Cold War reveal we have been on tenterhooks waiting for the next chunk of information to drop.

We were teased with a glimpse of, presumably Battle Royale, gameplay at the end of the reveal trailer with the date of September 9 emblazoned across the screen.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, where have you been? But just in case, here it is again.

What’s going to be in the reveal?

This is purely opinion and conjecture but I would imagine we’ll see all the shiny new things that Treyarch have been working on. It’s already been said that the prestige mode isn’t coming back so we can cross that off the list as something new.

Erik Kain over on Forbes has already made his predictions and I tend to agree. His list covers:

  • Some new maps.
  • Some new gameplay.
  • Some new gameplay mechanics or changes.
  • Information on loadouts.
  • Information on Operators (and whether there will be any special powers, which I doubt—and hope—will be included this time around).
  • Zombies mode.
  • Info on the upcoming Betas.

I would add to it a large section of the reveal to focus on how Warzone is going to look come the expected November 13 release date. I have a suspicion that much of the focus will be on the integration, or should I say extension, of Warzone. Again, it’s already common knowledge that the current Warzone will not be replaced by a Black Ops version, so much as it is going to evolve with this year’s iteration of Call of Duty.

When is it on?

The times the reveal are going live are as such:

Wednesday, Sept. 9

  • 10AM PT
  • 11AM MT
  • 12PM CT
  • 1PM ET
  • 6PM UK (BST)
  • 7PM CEST (EU)

Thursday, Sept. 10

  • 3AM AEST (Australia)

Where Can I watch the event?

You can watch on Twitch:

The livestream will also be broadcast on Treyarch’s YouTubeFacebook or Twitter.

We’ll be watching avidly and our reaction will be going up once we’ve all had a chance to digest what’s coming in this year’s Call of Duty.