Battlefield Concept Art Latest Article

Battlefield 6 – Is it Coming Soon? Boom!

Battlefield 6 trailer coming in June 2021? The official Twitter account is teasing that.

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PlayStation Plus Logo Artwork

Nine Free Games (REALLY FREE) for PS4 Owners

9 more titles have been added to Sony's Pay At Home initiative. This time, without the need to have an active PS Plus subscription.

26 Mar, 2021



Tencent Nintendo Switch copy

Nintendo Switch is the Blueprint for New Tencent and Qualcomm Handhelds

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, so this week Nintendo must be feeling particularly flattered. With the phenomenal success of the Switch, other companies are now looking

25 Mar, 2021



Magic: Legends Cover Art

Magic: Legends – Now in Open Beta

Legendary table-top game, Magic: The Gathering is coming to PC & consoles in the form of an action-RPG with Magic: Legends. Now in open beta.

25 Mar, 2021



PS Vita

PS3, Vita and PSP Stores Closing their Doors Forever

The unofficial word is Sony is planning to close the digital stores for older generations of hardware, including PSP, PS VITA & PS3.

23 Mar, 2021



Spider-Man Game Artwork

Still Waiting on Spider-Man – Marvel’s Avengers

Spider-Man has been confirmed as a PlayStation exclusive DLC, but Crystal Dynamics still hasn’t said when that would be.

23 Mar, 2021



PlayStation 5 VR Controller

Sony Reveal PS5 VR Controls – And They Look Great!

Sony has revealed the design of the new VR controller. It’s a far cry from the lightbulb-on-a-stick and further evolves VR gaming.

19 Mar, 2021



Crypto Mining RGB Rig

Nvidia Removes Hashrate Limiting by Accidentally Making Public GeForce 470.05 Driver

Nvidia limits GPU hash rate and then accidentally release a driver to remove it.

17 Mar, 2021



Super Bomberman R Online Cover Art

Super Bomberman R Online Promises Free 64 Player Chaos on Consoles

Cross-play online fun coming with Super Bomberman R Online.

17 Mar, 2021



Super Nintendo Switch Concept Art - Switch Comparison

Nintendo Switch Pro Confirmed by Bloomberg

Bloomberg confirming details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch "Pro" console with 4K resolution on a bigger screen.

16 Mar, 2021