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The History of the Game Engine – That First Game

When considering game engines, one question that rises quickly to the top is “can I use a game engine to make my own game?” In this chapter, we answer that question.

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Story of a Game features

Cyberpunk 2077

Story of a Game: Cyberpunk 2077

During the COVID years, one game saw more news column inches than any other. What happened to make and break Cyberpunk 2077?

14 Jul, 2022



Plants vs Zombies Poster

Story of a Game: Plants vs. Zombies

George Fan was keen for his games to be original and quirky and aliens weren’t doing the right thing for him. What could he have instead? Plants vs. zombies, of course!

15 Oct, 2021



2003 Prince of Persia Sand of Time Artwork

Story of a Game: Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

After Prince of Persia 3D, that might have been it, but it was saved and has gone on to be a sensation. Here's the story of Price of Persia - The Sands of Time.

03 Sep, 2021



Story of a Game: Mortal Kombat

Not many games have ended up in congress, but Mortal Kombat did. Here's the story of one of the longest-running video game series.

06 Aug, 2021



Story of a Game: Guitar Hero

Put on a denim jacket, slap on some make-up and pick up your axe—it’s time to tell the story of Guitar Hero.

02 Jul, 2021



Demon's Souls Scene 7465

Story of a Game: Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls went from being a total flop to one of the PS5's launch titles. Here's its story.

02 Jun, 2021



Burnout Paradise Artwork

Story of a Game: Burnout Paradise

In April's chapter of Story of Game, Burnout Paradise features. For years, Burnout Paradise entertained. Here's its story.

12 Apr, 2021



DOOM Cover Art

Story of a Game: DOOM

Everyone knows the game, but what's the story of DOOM? Crispin takes a look at where DOOM came from and the people behind it.

12 Mar, 2021