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The History of the Game Engine – That First Game

When considering game engines, one question that rises quickly to the top is “can I use a game engine to make my own game?” In this chapter, we answer that question.

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Growing Up on RPGs features

Ultima Online Poster

The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 11 – Living in a Multiplayer World

Part 11 explores the early days of MMORPGs with Ultima Online forging the way.

28 Jun, 2022



Diablo II Resurrected Poster

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 10 – Fighting Demons from the Top Down in Diablo

Released in 1997, Diablo was a game that completely revitalised and re-invented the entire Roguelike experience for millions.

22 Oct, 2021



Final Fantasy VII Logo Poster

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 9 – Final Fantasy: From Niche to Mainstream

Few titles can be classed as genre-defining. Final Fantasy VII is one of those titles. It led the line on making the RPG genre as popular as it is today.

20 Sep, 2021



Growing Up on RPGs – Part 8: Stuck in the MUD

In part 8, MUD & the advent of playing with real people and the beginning of what eventually becomes the Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

14 Aug, 2021



Chrono Trigger Cover Art

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 7 – A Burst of RPGs

The 90s was an epic decade for game development—none more so than for the RPG genre. Some of the best RPGs ever made came in the first few years of the 1990s.

12 Jul, 2021



Myst Game Screenshot

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 6 – Pointing and Clicking

Point and click adventure games are a mainstay of the RPG genre. In part 6, Crispin delves into their origins.

04 Jun, 2021



The Bard's Tale Trilogy Cover Art

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 5

In part 5 of our Growing up on RPGs series, Crispin explores what was going on in the West while the NES games brought Japanese role-playing ideas to the world.

30 Apr, 2021



Original 1986 Legend of Zelda Cover Art Logo

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 4

Enter Japan—or, more aptly, the Japanese RPG. Now synonymous with the role-playing game genre, Part 4 of the series explores the birth of the JRPG.

26 Mar, 2021



The Edge of the Realm ASCII Game

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 3

RPGs are visually stunning but what about in the 1980s? Part 3 in the series looks at the dawn of graphics in role-playing games.

26 Feb, 2021