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Growing Up on RPGs

An eighteen-part series delving into the history of role-playing games, moving through the years from the very early days to some of the top adventures available today.

Myst Game Screenshot

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 6 – Pointing and Clicking

Point and click adventure games are a mainstay of the RPG genre. In part 6, Crispin delves into their origins.

04 Jun, 2021



The Bard's Tale Trilogy Cover Art

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 5

In part 5 of our Growing up on RPGs series, Crispin explores what was going on in the West while the NES games brought Japanese role-playing ideas to the world.

30 Apr, 2021



Original 1986 Legend of Zelda Cover Art Logo

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 4

Enter Japan—or, more aptly, the Japanese RPG. Now synonymous with the role-playing game genre, Part 4 of the series explores the birth of the JRPG.

26 Mar, 2021



The Edge of the Realm ASCII Game

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 3

RPGs are visually stunning but what about in the 1980s? Part 3 in the series looks at the dawn of graphics in role-playing games.

26 Feb, 2021



Zork Video Game

Growing Up on RPGs – Part 2

In part 2, Crispin looks at how RPGs begin to transition from the table-top to the computer screen.

29 Jan, 2021



Growing Up on RPGs – Part 1

Part 1 of UGP's Growing Up On RPGs series—Dungeons & Dragons and where it all began.

15 Dec, 2020