Limited Run Games DOOM Special Edition

DOOM Collector’s Edition Box Set Coming to Switch and PS4

DOOM has been getting a lot of love here at UGP, with our article on its origins and mentions in other features, it’s definitely a game that seems to be on the radar.

This continues with the announcement by Limited Run Games that they will be releasing a physical edition of DOOM: The Classics Collection, containing DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3, for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4.

You can get the normal version— just the games on appropriate physical media or you can be a true collector and dig in with a box set containing some great goodies—including a USB drive styled as a 3.5” DOOM shareware floppy disk, and a reprint of the original 1996 DOOM comic.

It’s a limited edition run, with pre-orders starting April 2nd and running for just one month, so don’t miss out, head to Limited Run Games to put in an order!

Limited Run Games DOOM Special Edition