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2021 Nintendo Switch Games to Watch Out For

If you’ve been searching for the next best Nintendo Switch titles to add to your wishlist, we have picked out 6 of the most intriguing games set to release in 2021.

The list below has been curated with a careful eye to include some of the titles that are most likely to become popular hits, fan favourites, and much-anticipated Nintendo Switch releases. In the coming months, Ultimate Gaming Paradise will keep up with the latest news on these titles, with release date confirmations, initial reactions, and in-depth reviews.

Upcoming releases for the Switch have been lively in early 2021, with a few anticipated titles like Cloudpunk and Five Nights at Freddy’s already out in January. March 2021 is looking to be a busy month, with many of the titles on this list rumoured for March or at least Summer release, but as always, with game launch dates, there is some room for movement with publishers liable to push back new releases.

Ranked in order of estimated release date, these Nintendo Switch games are looking like future favourites.

Super Mario World 3D, Bowser’s Fury

Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Current release – February 12th 2021

Genre – Multiplayer platformer

Super Mario World 3D, including Bowser’s Fury, has been on every Nintendo fan’s wishlist since the first whispers of its development. Nintendo is on to a sure-fire hit when they release a new Mario game, and Bowser’s Fury offers a unique style and story to make it stand out from the sea of previous Mario titles.

The Super Mario 3D game released on the Wii, but the Switch optimised version is playable with local and online multiplayer support, making it just as social as ever. The game features Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Toad on an adventure to save the Sprixie Kingdom. The games combined will deliver undeniable fun whether you’re playing local co-op on the Switch Lite or the original Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends Champions Edition

Apex Legends Logo on Nintendo Switch

Current release – March 9th 2021

Genre – Battle Royale & Shooter

Apex Legends has finally received a confirmation for its release date after a steady flow of rumours about the EA battle royale style first-person shooter. Apex Legends is free to play on PC and console, and it’s much anticipated after originally being expected to drop in Autumn 2020. Possibly the ‘cool older brother’ to Fortnite, Apex Legends is set to be a hit on the Nintendo Switch because of its portability and cross-play capability. So, you won’t be leaving your Xbox and PlayStation friends behind with your optimised Switch version.

There are some considerable bonuses to getting Apex Legends Champions on the Switch platform, with the creators announcing that “Switch players will be granted 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass. For the first two weeks after launch, playing on Switch will also earn you double XP”.

Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Wolf Riding
Image courtesy of

Current Release – March 26th, 2021

Genre – RPG & Action

Monster Hunter Rise is the next instalment in an acclaimed action RPG series. Set to be a fan-favourite, you’ll take to Kamura Village as a hunter in this game. Set 50 years after the calamity that last shook the world, it’s your job to defend the land and defeat a whole new array of monsters with complex fighting patterns and stunning visuals. If you’re unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter series, the additional gameplay features might convince you, particularly if a bit of cuteness amid the chaos is your style. The new dog companion, Palamute, can be used to tackle the monsters you encounter and help you seek out your next take-down.

There’s more to this game than just blind combat. There are characters to meet and secrets to be uncovered as you learn the way of the monster hunter and face the full threat of your destiny. The added cherry on the top of this monster is that, with multiplayer support, you can now adventure with your best-hunting friends to complete those defeats you wouldn’t want to brave alone.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Pre-launch Image

Current Release – July 16th 2021

Genre – Action & Adventure

Skyward Sword was first released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011 as the earliest edition of Link’s journey in the Legend of Zelda timeline. Even if you’re not a diehard Zelda player, you’ll feel the nostalgia as Link travels between a cloud universe and a terrifying world below as he desperately searches for Zelda, his childhood friend at this point.  As with any Legend of Zelda game, you’re in for tricky puzzle solving, intelligent foes, and legendary boss fights.

Even amidst the action you can find adventure, as you fly through the clouds on the wings of a beautiful creature aptly called a Loftwing.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword has been optimised specifically for Nintendo Switch play, with smooth motion and button control. When playing with the original Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to use one joy-con for your sword and the other for your shield. The newly added button controls mean this game is compatible with handheld play or with the Nintendo Switch Lite. The developers are set on giving you a fully immersive, HD experience of this action-adventure classic.

For anyone longing for more updates on the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, Skyward Sword is sure to soothe your Zelda cravings!

Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date – TBC 2021

Genre – Survival & Adventure

Subnautica will be optimised for play on the Nintendo Switch and is rumoured for release in Spring 2021. Unknown Worlds Entertainment created the hit underwater adventure as a survival experience heavily focused on building, scavenging, and exploring. You are a survivor who has experienced a catastrophic crash landing into the ocean of a strange planet. In the Below Zero sequel, you are a scientist posted to the planet 4546B. On this icy, arctic outpost, it’s your job to study the alien species around you, both flora and fauna, and above all – survive.

Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko's Night Market Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Current Release – TBC 2021

Genre – Adventure & Simulation

If the action-based titles on this list couldn’t catch your attention, Mineko’s Night Market might capture you with its gentle vibes and adorable characters. This game boasts a beautiful art style that echoes the Japanese culture you’ll be experiencing in-game. If you’ve enjoyed previous popular Switch games likes Stardew Valley, you’ll love Mineko’s Night Market. You’ll be encouraged to eat, explore, craft items, and breed cats. This is definitely the cat lover’s game, and you’ll find fluffy friends everywhere. Even your large friend, Abe, starkly resembles a chunky feline. There are mini-games and daily tasks galore in this cosy adventure sim. This is a title for anyone who’s been wondering what life can possibly have left to offer after Animal Crossing.