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DrDisrespect Suing Twitch Over 2020 Ban

Just over 12 months ago, in the Summer of 2020, DrDisrepect’s stream was cut short with the Doc clearly emotional having read something on his phone.

A stunned Doc sat for a while, sombre, before speaking to his audience and talking about coming back bigger and stronger. With that, DrDisrespect was gone from Twitch.

In the days that followed, news broke that the mis-stream termination of DrDisrepect’s stream that day, was due to him being suddenly and permanently banned from Twitch.

We were all left with one, huge question—why?

To this day, we don’t know why the ban hammer was brought down on one of Twitch’s biggest and most successful streamers, but that may be set to change.

DrDisrespect and Twitch in 2021

Today, August 24, the Doc has broken his silence on the events of 2020 via a video from his new streaming home, YouTube. The video is an edit from a recent stream and in it, DrDisrespect opens up about events surrounding his departure from Twtich and the next steps.

Still, no details on the reason behind the Twitch ban but the story is far from told. DrDisrespect has revealed that—due to the damage the ban has caused to his finances, business and reputation—he is suing TwitchTV.

While DrDisrespect does now know the details of why he was banned, and has done for several months, it is no surprise that details of the suit and the motivation behind the suit remain secret due to any discussion of an ongoing suit in public, potentially damaging the progress of said suit.

However, once the lawsuit is concluded there will be nothing preventing DrDisrespect revealing the full details of why Twitch banned him. And, knowing the Doc as we do, we doubt it will take him long to put together a typically flamboyant and professionally produced video revealing all.

The video below contains the extract from the stream where DrDisrespect reveals he is suing Twitch. You don’t need to watch past the 2 minute 30 mark as it goes into a gaming montage. It is clear from those last few seconds before the start of the montage, that the events of 2020 are still hurting the Doc.