Activision Forcing Closure

In the past few hours, any keen Call of Duty: Warzone players who use to check up on their’s and friends stats will have seen a new notice when visiting the site.

It would appear that Activision has taken offence to the site’s existence and have given SBMM Warzone until Monday to take the site offline or face legal action. Activision cites player privacy as the reason for the “request”, saying that SBMM Warzone is in breach of the API’s terms of service through compromising player privacy.

There is a lengthy thread on SBMM Warzone’s official Twitter that details the events. At the same time, it is evident that there has been no communication between SBMM Warzone and Activision beyond the letter from Activision’s legal team. According to the thread, it gives the impression that was SBMM Warzone to be made an Activision partner; they could use the user data in a manner which would alleviate any fears of compromised user privacy.

It seems a simple enough solution but one Activision doesn’t appear keen to explore. One can not help but wonder if API terms of service and the claimed concerns over user privacy are just a smokescreen.

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it develops and bring you updates as they happen.