PlayStation 5

September 16 PlayStation 5 showcase

The wait is over! On September 16, Sony will finally reveal to the world the price of the PlayStation 5 – along with a long list of equally exciting information. The PlayStation 5 showcase has been confirmed in recent days and will take the form of a livestream. The broadcast is scheduled to go live at 1pm Pacific Standard Time. For us in the UK, it’s a less than civilised time of 9pm – slap bang in the middle of peak gaming time!

You can watch the showcase either on Sony’s PlayStation Twitch or YouTube channel.

Expected to last around 40 minutes, alongside the much anticipated price reveal, Sony’s going to let us in on the exclusive launch titles for the PS5. At present, confirmed exclusives include Spider-man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West. Earlier reports suggest a long list of exclusive (potentially launch) titles. It’s known that God of War 2 exists but not if it’s going to be a PS5 launch title. From the Soulsborne series, rumours circulate that a Bloodborne remaster is in the works and we’ll almost certainly see Demon Souls on PlayStation 5.

So far, PlayStation 5 prices have been predicted to be more than Xbox with the PS5 costing around the £550 price point and the digital edition coming in lower at £450. However, an article today talks of prices being revealed via a Spanish retailers internal systems. El Corte Ingles – one of Spain’s largest retail stores – has apparently added two new consoles to their internal stock systems. Listed as Enigma and Aurea, the devices are attached with prices of $499 and $399 respectively.

Sony has a habit of listing the new PlayStations with code-names similar to Enigma and Aurea. PlayStation 4 was code-named Orbis, PS4 Pro was code-named Neo, PS VR was code-named Morpheus and the PS Move was code-named Arc. If these two latest code-names devices are in fact the PS5 and PS5 digital, we might have just found out what the PS5 is going to cost. While previously tipped to be a good chunk of change more than the Xbox, Sony’s hand might have been forced with the reveal of Xbox’s price and they’ve gone for the jugular. At the time of writing, $499 is about £386. It’s fair to say that the UK price for the PS5 could be between £349 and £399. Interestingly, the PS4 launched with a price tag of £349. Could Sony be looking to massively undercut Microsoft again? Xbox One launched for £429 back in 2013, £80 more than the PS4.

Either way, come 9pm Wednesday…we will know for sure and all the conjecture can finally come to an end!