R-Type Final 2 Gameplay Screenshot

R-Type Final 2 Playable Demo Available

Anyone who remembers spending hours in arcades hammering on buttons to shoot down some of the most inventive aliens and end-of-level bosses in shoot ‘em up history will relish the idea of getting a go at R-Type once more.

Though the series has had steady releases since the 1987 original, it’s been over a decade since we saw anything, with R-Type Final the last real entry way back in 2004.

The game itself is out on April 30th, but to get to grips with the playable demo there’s no need to wait – both PS4 and Switch have demos available now.

This brief demo allows you to choose from three ships, and try out various difficulties of the first stage.

Or watch the trailer here:

R-Type Final 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S, and Windows at the end of the month.