Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement Art

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Check Out the Range of Cars!

We took a look at Hot Wheels: Unleashed a couple of months ago, and liked what we saw—a fun racing game that will bring a huge spread of cars and plenty of orange track to consoles (and PC) later this year.

With a recent video showing the College Campus track running in the PS5, there’s no doubt that any early interest and excitement was well-justified.

There’s a great range of cars that look just like the toys they are spinning off, with burger trucks powering alongside rocket-powered speed machines. The tiny wheels and convoluted plastic track are sure to provide a unique racing experience that’s fun for all the family.

Check out the College Campus Unveil trailer below:

Hot Wheels: Unleashed is coming to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/S/X, Switch and PC on September 30th.