Minecraft Lake with ray-tracing

Become a Minecraft Landscape Gardener

In what has to be one of the most bonkers game-related job possibilities of all time, UK company WhatShed, specialists in providing garden sheds and other outbuildings (real ones, for real gardens, in reality), have decided to expand their business model to include landscape gardening… in MINECRAFT!

On their website, they say they are “seeking to recruit a collective of virtual landscape gardeners to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their in-game outdoor space”. So, yes, people are willing to pay for you to make lovely little gardens for the Minecraft player who (presumably) already has everything else in life!

With mention of £50 per hour, this is an incredibly lucrative job prospect.

But is it real?

On that, we at Ultimate Gaming Paradise cannot comment. Perhaps it’s a clever way for WhatShed to gain some attention in the wider media world (and as this news article shows, it’s working), or perhaps it really is a true career path, with people lining up to hire virtual garden designers in blockland.

If you think that this something you could definitely do and have “creative flare [sic]” and “confidence in remote working”, then why not take a shot? Head off to WhatShed’s site today and fill in their application form.