Hoa Artwork

Delightful Gameplay Trailer of Hoa Shows Stunning Beauty and Peace

Every now and then, a game comes along that eschews the traditional need for impressive kills or mind-crunching speed and simply allows us to enjoy some relaxed time in a world of peaceful warmth.

With hand-painted graphics, a soft and slow pace, and a delightful almost-meditative soundtrack, Hoa is one of those games.

Coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in April 2021 (also available for Mac and on Steam), this indie puzzle-platformer, developed by Skrollcat Studio, is bound to entrance players of all ages as you follow a little larva on her journey thought some stunning locations.

But why let us tell you? Instead, take the next eight minutes out of your schedule and settle in for one of the most relaxed and atmospheric gameplay trailers you will ever watch. No doubt you’ll be adding it to your wish list soon afterwards.