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Battlefield 6 – Is it Coming Soon? Boom!

When you have a well-loved, strong franchise, getting out those regular releases is key to keeping old fans happy and potential new fans eager to try. Battlefield has been one of the top games for EA for years now, though the last iteration, Battlefield 5, left a few people cold.

There was no 2020 Battlefield 6. Was it because of Coronavirus? Or was it because they knew they needed to really pull out all the stops to make the next version of the game something special? Either way, we’ve not seen a new Battlefield game in a while.

So when the official Twitter account dropped this yesterday, immediately fans are a-flutter. Soon? June! It looks like we’re about to have the long-awaited Battlefield 6 announcement! Hurrah!

Sadly, it’s obvious that the Battlefield Twitter team haven’t really studied their Dr Seuss because if they had, they’d know that yes, while ‘June’ does rhyme with ‘Soon’, ‘Boom’ doesn’t. Ah well, one out of two isn’t too bad. Let’s hope the game has a higher level of quality control!

The new Battlefield 6 will also have the advantage of a new generation of consoles, of course. It’ll take full advantage of the PS5 and Xbox series X—something that is definitely worth the wait.