Magic: Legends Cover Art

Magic: Legends – Now in Open Beta

Bringing Magic: The Gathering’s world to an action RPG, Magic: Legends will be available as a free-to-play game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

The PC open beta has just been announced, allowing eager fans to experience the game and—perhaps—shape it a little with their testing and feedback.

Based on the genre-defining card game Magic: The Gathering, Magic: Legends looks to merge the characteristics of the tabletop card game with the fun of an action RPG, opening it up to some interesting mechanics and character development options where players collect spells, equipment and artefacts to allow complete customisation of their character.

With almost thirty years of developed world-building and history, the tie into Magic: The Gathering also brings a rich treasure-trove of lore – something the developers promise will be fully realised in updates and expansions over the game’s lifetime. As it starts, the open beta allows you to play in three of the game’s most famous locations: the central nexus world of Dominaria, the jungles of Zendikar and the gothic horror world of Innistrad.

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Here’s the trailer but if you are arachnophobic, be ready to turn away!