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Far Cry 6 Villain

Far Cry 6 Quick Guide

Montana from Far Cry 5 and New Dawn are far behind you. Fall into the humid and tense streets of the fictional Caribbean country, Yara, in Far Cry 6.

Yara is in the grips of Far Cry’s newest—possibly most evil—villain, Antón Castillo. He’s consumed with suppressing the guerrilla revolution, and he’s not afraid to use his criminal influence to do so. It’s not clear how you’ll ever manage to beat Castillo and his impressive resources. But it’s in true Far Cry style that you’ll face off against his forces.

Before you play, there are some key details to know about Far Cry 6 so you’ll be prepared for what you’re up against…

What’s the Story?

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These are dangerous times for Yara. Allegedly based in Cuba, the island is under immense pressure with government agents, guerrilla fighters and violent civilians armed with explosives.

When researching for both the island and the game’s story, the writer’s visited Cuba.

“When you’re looking at something as complex as an island that’s been essentially cut off from the rest of the world for 50 years, been in an economic downturn, electing this leader on the back of this idea of building a new paradise, the idea with Antón is he definitely lulled people into believing this was the only answer for them. That he was the one that was going to solve all their problems,” Ubisoft says. “And so for us, it became super-interesting on the character side to explore the idea of, you know, there definitely were some people that voted for him, that believed in him, that now are regretting that choice; and there are those that still support him. The intersection of those demographics and worldviews and opinions is something that plays out in the story as well.”

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The evil counterpart in the game, Antón Castillo, saw his father being executed 50 years ago. You can see where his extremist views came from, even as he teaches his son, Diego, the same. At his core, Castillo “believes that not only do the Castillos deserve to be in power, but they’re the only ones that are going to be able to see Yara through to becoming a paradise once again,” Ubisoft commented.

Your main character, Dani comes into play creating this dangerous triangle of opposition between Castillo, Diego, and Dani. Ubisoft has said that players can choose whether Dani is male or female, being voiced either by Sean Rey or Nisa Gunduz.

Ubisoft felt this choice was crucial to the experience. “We knew that if we’re going to tell the revolution story, if we’re going to tell a story about someone in a guerrilla movement, you need to have that personal connection with them,” says Ubisoft. “You need someone who’s rooted in the world, who has a background. So we wanted proper performance capture, we wanted to have a voice.”

Animal Companions

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Far Cry’s signature companion mechanic is a fan favourite. In Far Cry 6 players will be able to take on some buddies as they progress and utilise their individual bonuses for different situations and play styles. Thi big difference in Far Cry 6 is that these companions will be animals only.

The most popular companion that Ubisoft hinted at is a tiny sausage dog called Chorizo – who has wheels supporting his back end. Cute much. His doggie wheelchair isn’t just for the cuteness appeal though. Chorizo can be used to distract enemies, allowing you to slide in and take them out easily.

If puppies aren’t your style then Guapo the crocodile might serve you better. Unlike Chorizo, Guapo goes straight in for a heavy kill, eating your enemies whole.

Of course, players will be fighting alongside key human characters too, but not in the way they did in Far Cry 5. There’s no calling up your pal to follow you around. These companions don’t have phones, just killer cuteness (and attacks).

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Where is Yara?

Fans of the Far Cry franchise are so ready to get stuck back into a tropical setting after the many USA and cult-based titles we’ve seen from Far Cry lately. Ubisoft says with total honesty that Yara is a response to this, and is very much inspired by real-world Cuba.

The dreamy, hot aesthetic, vintage vehicles and Caribbean atmosphere are designed to give players the feeling of living in a picturesque postcard. At Yara’s capital is the city of Esperanza, which Ubisoft are excited to display as one of the first urban environments seen in a Far Cry game.

“The verticality is a complete game-changer,” said narrative director Navid Khavari in an interview. “Being able to run across rooftops, use back alleys, fight against some of the toughest opponents in the game in this setting, I think is really unique and fresh.”

New Gameplay Features

What’s new in Far Cry 6? Well, the good news is that for the main part, this game contains all the mechanics and gameplay features that players know and love. But Far Cry 6 holds some surprises.

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Plenty of new features will stand out to long-time fans. Including…

  • Your character will have the ability to holster their gun. This doesn’t sound like much, but it will allow you to blend in a little more smoothly with the locals. Enemy soldiers won’t go straight on the offense when you approach, so long as you’re not in a restircted area and your weapon remains holstered. This is a fairly significant shift for a game series that normally springs enemies on you the second they spot you in the distance.
  • Players can ride horses – at last! This wasn’t included for some reason in Far Cry 5, so it’s a welcome addition.
  • Missions are more interesting to track down as some mission will have a photo on your in-game phone, so you can track down the location with a little more excitement. This is intended to give those in-between moments more of a treasure hunt feel, and getting players to explore more.
  • Perks are given for equipping different items of clothing and gear. These can help with stealth and weapon control.
  • Weapons can be upgraded with attachments and mods.
  • ‘Resolver’ weapons are improvised devices that require items found across Yara.These include a flamethrower, mini-gun, and a CD launcher (yes that one).
  • Supremos are last-resort devices that turn the tide of a fight. The Exterminador is one which launches mortars from your equipped backpack.

Co-op, No Steam, and Release

There will be co-op in Far Cry 6. This is good news for players who love sharing the story and action with a pal.

Far Cry 6 Villain

Far Cry 5 previously allowed you to play with a friend one you had completed the game’s introduction and left Dutch’s island. Similarly Far Cry New Dawn let you play co-op, but progression through story missions only counted for the host’s game, not their friend’s.

Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 will not be releasing on Steam. Ubisoft has officially confirmed the game’s availability on Windows PC Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store exclusively.

The Far Cry 6 release date is October 7, 2021, and will be available on PC, Stadia, the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The game was first planned to launch in February 2021, but was delayed near the end of 2020 along with a few other Ubisoft games, likely due to the pandemic.

Bye Bye, Arcade Mode

The handy map creation and mission editor tools in previous Far Cry games are no more. The Ubisoft team confirmed in an interview that the useful features simply aren’t returning for Far Cry 6. They had good reason though.

“Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution,” game director Alexandre Letendre said.

The Far Cry 6 Editions

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There are five editions of Far Cry 6 that gamers can choose from. These include:

  • The standard edition
  • Gold Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
  • Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition
  • Yara Edition – only available at a few retailers

There’s another little add-on to consider is you purchase for Xbox One or PS4. You have the option to upgrade to “a next-gen platform at no additional cost.” So, your Xbox One version upgrades to Xbox Series X and your PS4 version upgrades to PS5 for free.

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Standard Edition

The standard edition includes the base game for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia.

Gold Edition

Far Cry 6 Gold Edition includes the base game plus the Season Pass for all the DLC that’ll be released post-launch.

Ultimate Edition

Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition includes the base game, Season Pass, and the “Ultimate pack,” which includes the “Jungle Expedition pack, the Croc Hunter pack, and the Vice pack.

Collector’s Edition

In addition to the base game, Season Pass and Ultimate pack, Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition includes a “high-end display model” of Tostador, “the flamethrower from the game, as well as an assembly guide by Tobatron and a “unique Collector’s Case” based on Tobatron’s “iconic art style.”

The Collector’s Edition is a Ubisoft store exclusive.

Additionally, Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition comes with a 64-page art book, soundtrack, map, stickers, and a “Chorizo keyring.”

Yara Edition

Includes the full game plus the Croc Hunter Pack. That includes the “Croc Hunter outfit”, the “45/70” rifle, the “Crocodile Tooth” weapon charm and the “45/70 cartridge” vehicle accessory.

This special edition is billed as exclusive to GAME. But you can get it here at Ultimate Gaming Paradise too!

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