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We are performing a spring clean on our inventory database, so most products will show as unavailable for a few days. This work will be completed by Friday, May 17.

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AMD Radeon 6000 Series Graphics Cards

General 6000 Series Updates

[14/04/2021] – AMD graphics cards have been non-existent so far this year. We have been led to believe that the issue rests with AMD not producing many GPU chips for the board manufacturers to produce cards with.

For Sapphire pre-orders information, please see below.

[30/01/2021] – We’re waiting on news regarding the availability of 6000 series cards from Gigabyte, ASUS & MSI. We were expecting to have the information around January 25 but have yet to have confirmation on anything. It is hoped that this information will be with us by February 4, with models and quantities.

Sapphire Pre-order Updates

Estimated Re-stocking: Unknown

[14/04/2021] – When we opened pre-orders for the Sapphire range of cards in December 2020, it was based on information that there would be more cards than we would need arriving in the UK in January 2021.

Sapphire moved this date to April due to supply constraints but with the same information that there would be plenty of cards, and our orders would be fulfilled entirely.

Through March, no information was forthcoming on the anticipated stock landing in April. We managed to speak to a couple of people in the know at Sapphire and learned that there are no shipments scheduled. We were told that there are approximately 15 cards per week—split across the entire Sapphire 6800 & 6800 XT ranges—to be distributed through 7 countries across Northern Europe.

We’ve tried to get some more information from Sapphire regarding future stock levels but we’re still waiting for a response.

Due to the lack of information surrounding availability, in conjunction with the growing number of pre-orders, we are considering suspending pre-orders for cards that have lengthier queues. This is due to the amount of time it would take to process the queues, should we ever receive any stock, being unrealistic. Should we decide to suspend pre-orders, prior notice will be given via this page.

The following is the current status of pre-orders and the queue numbers:

NITRO+ 6800

Current Pre-orders: 59


Current Pre-orders: 55

NITRO+ 6800 XT

Current Pre-orders: 40

NITRO+ 6900 XT

Current Pre-orders: 10