Farcry 6 Poster 9784

Unmissable Game Trailers From E3

The must-watch trailers from E3 2021. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

22 Jun, 2021



Starfield Logo Poster 8866

Todd Howard Says Starfield is “Still a Long Way Off”

Todd Howard reveals the latest on Starfield's development and it sounds awesome!

22 Jun, 2021



Atomic Heart Logo Poster

New Trailer Confirms Atomic Heart

There's been much speculation if the impressive Atomic Heart even exists but it would appear it is now confirmed, albeit without a release date!

22 Jun, 2021



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The History of the Game Engine: Part 6 – From Pawn to Cho Ku Nu

In part 6 of the History of the Game Engine series, we're venturing into the world of real-time strategy.

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Growing Up on RPGs: Part 6 – Pointing and Clicking

Point and click adventure games are a mainstay of the RPG genre. In part 6, Crispin delves into their origins.

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Story of a Game: Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls went from being a total flop to one of the PS5's launch titles. Here's its story.

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The History of the Game Engine: Part 5 – Reinventing the Wheel

Where did the need for the game engine come from, and for what purpose? Part 5 of our History of the Game Engine series endeavours to answer that exact question.

AMD Radeon Logo on GPU

AMD Radeon 6000 Series Graphics Cards

All the latest information on AMD Radeon 6000 series graphics cards.

May in the Nintendo eShop

May was an absolutely corker in the Nintendo eShop. Here’s our pick of the 5 best.

Nintendo eShop Cover Art

Resident Evil Village

Picking up where Resident Evil VII: Biohazard left off both in terms of story and first-person gameplay, Resident Evil Village replicates the best of its predecessor while adding a few new twists.

Resident Evil Village Cover Art

Demon’s Souls: PS5 Remaster

From flop to epic, we review the remake of Demon’s Souls that launched with the PS5 in 2020.

Demon's Souls Art