PlayStation Showcase 2021 Logo Poster

Reactions to the PlayStation Showcase 2021

PlayStation Showcase 2021 was certainly exciting with a lot of exclusive PS5 titles revealed. Crispin reviews and gives his thoughts.

11 Sep, 2021



Xbox Game Pass Poster

Xbox Game Pass: September Games List

Here's the full rundown of what's happening with the Xbox Game Pass in September 2021.

09 Sep, 2021



Deathloop Cover Poster Art

Coming Attractions: Deathloop

Coming to PlayStation 5 on September 14, Deathloop is a first-person action-adventure game. Here's what you need to know.

09 Sep, 2021



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Tekken 7 Poster

The History of the Game Engine: Part 9 – Fight!

Unlike other game genres, it was the arcade that really defined the fighting game. In Part 9, we look at this genre's game engines development.

Atari Jaguar & Controller

The Atari VCS – Part Two

In part 2 of the Atari VCS mini-series—the middle years looking at Atari's ST, Amiga & Jaguar consoles, and how the business developed into the early 2000s.

Final Fantasy VII Logo Poster

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 9 – Final Fantasy: From Niche to Mainstream

Few titles can be classed as genre-defining. Final Fantasy VII is one of those titles. It led the line on making the RPG genre as popular as it is today.

Far Cry 6 Villain

Far Cry 6 Quick Guide

Far Cry 6 has plenty of different editions and a lot of changes from the previous instalments. Out quick guide is here to bring you up to speed & put you in the know.

Fractal Design Node 804 Build – Part 1: Hiss, Pop, Bang!

The first part in a rather unexpected build log featuring the Fractal Design Node 804 micro-ATX case.

UGP Logo Transparent

August Bank Holiday Opening & Shipping Information

Here is all the opening & ordering information for the August 2021 Bank Holiday weekend.

Kena – Bridge of Spirits (PS5 Review)

Kena – Bridge of Spirits is simply beautiful. Its cutscenes are truly cinema-quality. Kena – Bridge of Spirits is an impressive title that deserves every accolade it gets.

Kena - Bridge of Spirits Screenshot

No More Heroes III

No More Heroes III is a giddy collection of defiant subversion, pastiche, condemnation, and celebration.

No More Heroes 3 Logo Poster

Life is Strange True Colors Review – Read Minds and Solve a Heartbreaking Small-town Mystery

Life is Strange True Colors review. The third instalment in the series stands out for its attentive dialogue, art, and storytelling.

Life is Strange True Colors Promo Poster