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ROG Ryujin 240 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler with LiveDash Colour OLED

ROG Ryujin 240 all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with LiveDash colour OLED, Aura Sync RGB and Noctua iPPC 2000 PWM 120mm radiator fan.


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Product Description

ROG Ryujin 240 all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with LiveDash colour OLED, Aura Sync RGB and Noctua iPPC 2000 PWM 120mm radiator fan. The ROG Ryujin 240 fits Intel 10th Gen Socket LGA 1151, Intel 11th Gen Socket LGA 1200 and AMD Socket AM4.

ROG Ryujin is the flagship all-in-one cooler for high-end builds designed to deliver the best thermal performance. Featuring Noctua Industrial PPC fans for cooler and quieter operation, plus an embedded fan in the pump housing for additional cooling to the VRM and M.2, ROG Ryujin keeps your system running its absolute best. Coupled with a LiveDash OLED that displays system stats or custom graphics and Aura Sync RGB lighting, ROG Ryujin is the ultimate thermal solution destined to become a vital part of your gaming rig.

About The ROG Ryujin 240 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler

  • 1.77” color OLED for real-time system stats and personalised logos or animations
  • Embedded microfan helps to cool VRM and M.2 area by up to 20°C
  • Quality Noctua Industrial PPC PWM fans deliver high airflow and minimal noise
  • LiveDash one-stop control centre for lighting and OLED display
  • Individually addressable RGB and NCVM coating pump cover accentuates the sleek, modern aesthetics
  • Styled to complement ROG motherboards, at the center stage of your build
  • Reinforced, sleeved tubing for increased durability

CPU Socket Compatibility

ROG Ryujin is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, giving you the flexibility to pair it with your choice of processor. It also comes fitted with 38cm of tubing to make mounting and routing easier.


  • LGA 1150, 1151, 1152, 1155, 1156
  • LGA 1200
  • LGA 1366
  • LGA 2011, 2011-3
  • LGA 2066


  • Socket AM4
  • Socket TR4 with mounting bracket bundled with CPU
ROG Ryujin 240 Noctua Fan

Noctua Industrial iPPC fan

ROG Ryujin meets the thermal challenges of the latest multi-core CPUs with industrial-grade Noctua iPPC-2000 PWM fans on the radiator that deliver high performance and low-noise operation. The 120-mm fans generate 122 m3h of airflow at 2,000 RPM yet are extremely efficient with a 29.7-dB(A) acoustic footprint that’s much quieter than competing fans.

Pump embedded fan

While powerful, liquid cooling does not circulate air around the CPU socket like a traditional heatsink and fan. ROG Ryujin overcomes this limitation with a 60mm fan embedded in the pump housing that circulates air to the CPU VRMs, M.2 slot and surrounding components to dramatically reduce temperatures for improved performance and stability.

LiveDash OLED

ROG Ryujin is the world’s first AIO cooler to feature an embedded 1.77-inch LiveDash colour OLED that displays useful system information, such as temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, or frequencies. You can also customize LiveDash to display a customized image or animation highlighting your clan insignia or gamertag.

LiveDash Customisation

The LiveDash software utility lets you easily customize ROG Ryujin’s LiveDash OLED display and RGB lighting effects. Select which system stats to monitor, choose personalized GIFs and images to display, and control RGB lighting from an intuitive interface that arranges settings in a step-by-step flow from top to bottom.

Product Specifications

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