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Star Ocean: The Second Story R (Nintendo Switch)

“Star Ocean: The Second Story R” rejuvenates a beloved JRPG classic with a striking 2.5D aesthetic. Dive into an epic tale set in Space Date 366, guiding either Claude or Rena on a destiny-awakening quest. Experience revamped combat, deep character interactions, and a blend of old and new in this Square Enix masterpiece.

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Product Description

“Star Ocean: The Second Story R” is a reimagining of the highly acclaimed second instalment in the STAR OCEAN series. This remake boasts a unique 2.5D aesthetic, blending 2D pixel characters with 3D environments. While retaining the charm of the original game, this version introduces new elements to enhance the player experience. Players can look forward to new battle mechanics, both Japanese and English voice overs, a mix of original and re-arranged music, and more. This modernized JRPG is designed to appeal to both newcomers and long-time fans of the series.

More About Star Ocean: The Second Story R on Nintendo Switch

Set in Space Date 366, the narrative follows a Federation officer who finds himself on a mystical planet. As he searches for a way back to his world, he meets a young girl. This chance encounter propels him into a quest to save her people, aligning with an ancient prophecy. Players have the freedom to choose their path and witness the unfolding of a destiny that has been reawakened.

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Embark on your adventure by choosing either Claude or Rena as your main character. This choice will influence the story’s perspectives and the allies you can recruit. The game also features the unique “Private Actions” system, allowing players to deepen their relationships with party members and unlock various endings based on their interactions.

Engage in explosive real-time action with fast-paced combat. The game introduces new mechanics, including the “Break” and “Assault Action” systems, allowing players to deal massive damage to foes. The battle effects and motions have been enhanced, offering a more exhilarating combat experience than ever before.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Gameplay Image 8

Engaging Dual Protagonists

Players can experience the story through the perspectives of both Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford, offering varied insights and gameplay

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Gameplay Image 3

Expansive Universe

Set in the vast Star Ocean universe, the game offers a blend of science fiction and fantasy elements, with planets, space exploration, and medieval settings.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Gameplay Image 5

Real-time Combat

Battles play out in real-time, allowing players to manually control their character, engage in direct combat, and employ strategic moves.

In-depth Crafting System

Utilise specialties to create items, foods, and more, impacting gameplay and character progression.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story R Gameplay Image 7

Dynamic Storyline

The narrative intertwines with the events of the original “Star Ocean”, offering depth and layers to the story fans know and love.

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Character Development

Players can unlock and learn various skills, enhancing their characters’ abilities and combat prowess.

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Private Actions Mechanic

Influence the relationships between characters through the “Private Actions” system, impacting the game’s narrative and character interactions.

Multiple Endings

The game boasts 86 possible endings, determined by character relationships and choices made throughout the game.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Gameplay Image 1
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A New Look

“Star Ocean: The Second Story R” offers enhanced graphics, new content, and additional features, providing both new players and series veterans a revamped experience.

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