Wargaming announces home for restored aircraft

Wargaming.net_logo It’s been announced today that Wargaming have decided upon the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford as the final resting place for the soon to be restored Dornier Do17 aircraft, due for completion in 2015.

Last year, 2013, Wargaming and the Royal Air Force Museum teamed up with the goal of restoring the only known surviving Dornier Do17 aircraft. Visitors have had the chance to view the restoration as it progresses and learn more about the process and aircraft throughout. At the moment, the exhibit is home to individual pieces of the restoration and when brought together into a complete aircraft, the Dornier Do17 will feature alongside the Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone at the museum.

In addition, to mark the opening of the Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone, a mobile application has been launched. Apparition uses augmented reality to view a virtual Dornier making a pass over the museum. Users were encourage to grab images from the app and submit them to be displayed as part of the exhibit.

“Offering people around the world to participate in each step of the Dornier Do17 renovation process has been a truly gratifying experience,” said Tracy Spaight, Special Projects Director at Wargaming. “As a company heavily invested in the preservation of military history, we feel it’s important to show our gratitude and appreciation towards these unique relics.“