Trident Z Royal Elite Series 1

G.SKILL Announces New Line of Ultra-High Frequency, Ultra-Low Latency RAM.

G.SKILL is releasing a new line of ultra-high frequency & ultra-low latency DDR4 RAM. Trident Z Royal Elite will be offered at speeds 3600MHz-5333MHz with latencies ranging from C16-C22. For those focused on maximum efficiency, there will be ultra-low timing kits featuring C14 timings and speeds of 3600MHz or 4000MHz.

From the Store

This series features a meticulously sculpted crystalline pattern across the polished surface of the aluminium heat spreader. The Trident Z Royal Elite also retains the full-length crystalline light bar and 8-zone RGB lighting of the Trident Z Royal DIMMS. After more than a year of development, crafting the perfectly-sized crystalline pattern, and sculpting the 3D structure onto a solid piece of aluminium, each Trident Z Royal Elite heat spreader features 76 total facets allowing for a distinctive look that complements varying lighting approaches within a build. Lighting can be controlled and synced via compatible motherboard RGB controllers and software.

Check out some images and the YouTube trailer below.