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AMD Misses Delivery, Ryzen Supply Worsens

Anyone hoping to receive their Ryzen 5000 processor this month is set to be either very lucky or sorely disappointed. Sadly, the end of the Ryzen supply issue is by no means insight.

AMD was scheduled to deliver a large allocation of Ryzen processors at the end of December to UK master distributors, with a second large quantity arriving for the last week of January. Combined, the two deliveries would have alleviated much of the headaches faced by retailers trying to satisfy orders.

AMD Ryzen Chip Artwork

In the week after Christmas, AMD processors did arrive but aren’t making their way to UK retailers. Instead, AMD re-routed the stock from the master distributor network, who supply the majority of retailers, to their direct partners such as large scale system builders. To add to the Ryzen supply crisis, the January delivery has now been pushed back. While it hasn’t technically been cancelled, no new date has been given for when the next large allocation may be made available to retailers.

Being a retailer taking pre-orders, we were ourselves informed of this news earlier in the week through our supply chain. The only stock available throughout January will be single units, as and when they’re available. With further SKUs being announced by AMD, and the continued demand for AMD based products, it looks like the Ryzen supply shortage is set to last for a good while longer.

This article was updated at 10:11pm on 7th January 2021 to add context to where the information contained in the article was sourced.