Fall Guys Season 3 Promo Art

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 Released

With the arrival of Season 3,  Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is adorned with the colours of winter and set fireplaces in the world ablaze with an avalanche of festive chaos: new trials, dozens of new costumes and a host of features original decorate this new season under the sign of glagla. The Fall Guys tree is garnished with expertly crafted winter antics to let your beans slide, stagger, rip, roll, stagger, skid, meander and slide before wallowing miserably a few feet from the crown.

Season 3 Features  

  • A new Tree of Fame full of new costumes, emotes, and more!
  • Seven winter races full of new obstacles and traps 
    • Ski Fall –  Slide down frozen, steep and dangerous slopes!
    • Tundra Run –  a whole new take on the gauntlet, ideal for starting new snowy shenanigans.
    • Freezy Peak –  a spiral peak that thrills you with an endless stream of snowballs!
    • Snowy Scrap –  Three teams, three snowballs, no respite.
    • Pegwin Pursuit –  Calling all neon pills… Bert has escaped! In this team game, it’s all about catching as many little penguins as possible that frantically roam the arena.
    • Thin Ice –  These icy tiles are the last obstacle between you and the crown in this final high altitude round.
    • Roll Off –  This new show takes Roll Out’s perpetual motion and demanding footwork to its own, and translates them into a particularly tricky final round.
  • Quench your thirst for crowns with Crown Ranks! The more Crowns you catch, the more your Crown Rank increases and allows you to unlock rewards including the exclusive Golden Costumes!
  • Stay tuned for upcoming Fall Guys announcements and news with the new Bulletin Board!

In addition to all of these elegant new features, the Mediatonic team has been working to improve the overall gaming experience, shown by the patch rating for this shiny new season!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam.