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Far Cry 6 (PS5 Review)

How does the 6th instalment of Far Cry stack up against the series to date? We review Far Cry 6 - are core changes to the series' DNA afoot?

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DOOM Eternal Cover Art

DOOM Eternal: A Demon Shooter to Get the Blood Pumping

We review DOOM Eternal which drops you off right where DOOM 2016 finished.

06 Apr, 2021



Nintendo eShop Cover Art

March in the Nintendo eShop

A roundup of some noticeable new indie title to hit the Nintendo eShop in March.

25 Mar, 2021



Ranch Simulator Dilapidated House

Ranch Simulator: Just a Relaxing Ranching RPG?

Ranch Simulator, dubbed ‘Ranch Sim’ by the developers Toxic Dog, is a simulation RPG for relaxation and escape. If you enjoyed the likes of Valheim or the older Farming Simulator,

17 Mar, 2021



Harvest Moon: One World Cover Art

Harvest Moon: One World

We review Harvest Moon: One World. A game with a little bit of an identity issue but a lot of fun.

15 Mar, 2021



Stardew Valley Town Hall

Stardew Valley Review: Look Out, Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing meets Minecraft in Stardew Valley. Experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity, Gemma takes another look with a review of Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch Lite.

10 Mar, 2021



FIFA 21 Trent Alexander-Arnold

Why FIFA 21 is so Infuriating – A Gamer Girl Perspective

Gemma takes a look at FIFA 21 from the perspective of the Girl Gamer. Check out her thoughts the latest FIFA game.

10 Mar, 2021



Little Nightmares II Artwork

Little Nightmares 2 Review – Is it Worth Playing on the Switch Lite?

We review Little Nightmares 2. Nintendo describes this game as a “charming horror”, but I don’t feel that quite captures the tense and horrific surroundings you’re immediately cast into in the story of Little Nightmares 2.

09 Mar, 2021



Valheim Screenshot - Logs

Valheim: The Viking Survival RPG that Stunned Steam

Valheim is a game to get lost in. A picturesque, otherworldly setting where you can plunder, create Viking villages, or watch the Tree of Life floating high above you.

04 Mar, 2021



Nintendo eShop Cover Art

February in the Nintendo eShop

With close to 100 new entries to the Nintendo eShop each month, let’s take a look at some of the indie titles made available during February.

01 Mar, 2021