A surprise to be sure for fans of the studio that brought us the Max Payne series and Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment announced in an earnings report the plans for the near future. Their next game, code named P7 has moved from pre-production to full production.  Ilta-Sanomat, a Finnish media outlet states that the release date is sometime in 2019.

The details concerning P7 are hard to come by and Remedy’s website does not provide much detail other than a brief description quoted below:

“A cinematic third-person action game set in a new Remedy-created universe, P7 features an intriguing story with a cast of memorable characters. The game structure offers a long-lasting, story-driven gameplay experience and the deepest game mechanics yet in a Remedy game. P7 is a multiplatform title published by 505 Games.”

A lengthy list of current job vacancies follows this list. Job roles include a “Senior Game Designer” and “Animation Programmer”. It suggests that Remedy will be busy for the near future, even reaching out to former employee’s of Hanger 13 via Twitter.

While we can guess the scope of the projects ahead, it is more difficult to see what P7 will become further down the road. The various job postings indicate that this will be a shift away from Singleplayer, story driven content like Max Payne or Quantum Break. From one description a requirement is to create “compelling, innovative online game modes.”

Perhaps P7 will be a shift more towards the likes of Destiny?