Pantheon Moving Forward

Today’s marks the completion of Visionary Realms’ series A funding round and the start of a unilateral expansion of the company across all departments. The Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game can now enter into a semi-private, pre-alpha phase where external testers and focus groups can start picking apart the game, giving valuable feedback to the developers. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen was last year voted as the most wanted MMO of 2017 by an overwhelming majority.

You’ll be able to see the game played live by streamer CohhCarnage on Thursday April 27 and Tuesday May 2nd if you’d like to get a sense of what the game is all about. Just check this link out here to the Twitch channel:

Visionary Realms Chariman, Christopher Rowan has said of the successful funding round, “We have come a long way and are extremely excited about what this means for Pantheon. As we start to raise support for Series B we are now in a position to empower our departments with many of the resources they need. It’s deeply encouraging to us to see this kind of support for Pantheon from investors and gamers.”

Chief Creative Officer Brad McQuaid said, “We believed going in that there was a healthy amount of interest in a massively cooperative experience, but seeing the exponential and continuous growth of excitement over the game is especially invigorating. And it’s coming from all angles!”

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is scheduled to enter into public testing later this year.


About Visionary Realms

Visionary Realms, a California based videogame studio, is driven to fearlessly lead and advance the MMO game industry by creating content-rich, challenging, highly social games that set new standards for immersion, quality, and vision. For more information about Visionary Realms visit


About Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen rekindles the conventions of challenge, depth and impact, and offers these elements to a whole new generation of MMO gamers. By polishing well-proven mechanics and features which have been nearly lost over time, Pantheon offers gamers a deeply meaningful gaming experience they can share and remember for years to come. Visit the website at