Metal Gear Survive is currently ranked 6th place overall on Chart-Track. This only tracks physical copies sold but is a telling sign of the reception Survive has received.

The game sits below EA’s  UFC 3 and just above Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus, both of which received more positive reviews from critics.

Digital sales are more difficult to track but according to SteamMetal Gear Survive currently has 5,202 players which is the current peak number. Let’s bear in mind the game only released 6 days ago but combine this with the ‘mixed’ reviews, it is not boding well.

Take a look through the Steam reviews and you will find criticisms predominantly about micro transactions and the lacklustre game play.

“Don’t buy this game at full price, it’s a sad, empty and dull game that could have been good. Microtransactions are running amok in this game to the point it hurts.” one reviewer says.

The Metal Gear spin-off see’s players transported to a hostile world where they have to scavenge and defend themselves against hostile creatures.

The pre-launch beta received an equally mixed reception from fans and critics who found the gameplay lacklustre. Many fans were also angry at how the developers treated Hideo Kojima, a potent driving force who departed while Survive was still in development.