Mediatonic Leamington Spa Studio

Makers of Fall Guys open new studio

One of the UK’s largest independent video game developers, Mediatonic, has announced that their new studio is to open at the Mill Street creative hub. Mediatonic plans to bring its own distinctive flair to Leamington Spa – a town that already takes the crown as a melting pot for game development talent in the UK with the likes of Codemasters already calling the town home.

As part of the Tonic Games Group, Mediatonic is best known for their wonderfully vibrant and original titles. An example being the hit battle royale Fall Guys which happens to be the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. Mediatonic plans to welcome industry talent across a wide range of disciplines to join their growing team.

Falls Guys Costume

The company’s Vice President of Art, Phil Warner, comments:

“More than anything, Mediatonic has always looked for a sense of community in our studio locations—that’s something we feel is hugely important within our teams, but also in the way we engage with other local games companies and developers. We’ve already built some brilliant relationships with other games companies within the town, and we’re hugely appreciative for the welcome we’ve received from both the industry and the local council. For our part, we’re excited to join such a vibrant game development community and look forward to the opportunity to share expertise and stories.”

With the many additional facilities in Mill St, from world-class presentation spaces to on-site podcast studios, Mediatonic Leamington Spa will be an important complement to the Tonic Games Group’s existing network of studios across London, Madrid, Brighton and Guildford.