Oculus Quest 2 Promo Image

Oculus Gaming Showcase Coming

Virtual Reality gaming is still very much a niche market. Still, with some strong titles coming to the Oculus Quest 2, it may be that the arena is finally starting to become something worthy of greater respect by gamers everywhere.

Oculus has announced the first ever Oculus Gaming Showcase, an online event that will stream on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube on April 21st.

The event will feature never-before-seen footage from new games and some updates on old, described as ‘stellar’ by the people at Oculus themselves. With the current library of premium Oculus titles quite small, it’d be great to see a burst of new games to push the hardware forward. As it stands, though, it seems Oculus is still leaning on its established titles such as Lone Echo II and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge to bring in players.

With VR still very much a sideline, chances are this will be relatively low-key in the gaming world as a whole, but if you are interested in the technology and what’s going to be on offer soon, it could be worth some of your time.