PlayStation 5 in corner with blue backlight

Thieves Steal PS5 – Potentially More Valuable than a Car!

Recent news from the Liverpool Echo tells a tale of thieves who stole a car only to return sometime later to break into the owner’s house and steal their PS5!

Given the somewhat mundane nature of the car, it asks the question, ‘was the PS5 actually more valuable to them?’

Stock levels of the PS5 are staggeringly low. Alerts from stores, such as Amazon and Argos, promising new stock seem to go nowhere and getting your hands on one of these coveted new generation consoles seems to be nothing short of impossible.

Some reliable sources suggest it might still be many months before the PS5 is something that can be bought without hovering like an eager bird of prey, watching Twitter accounts and ready to pounce at a split-second’s notice.

PS5 Controller Propped Against Console

Here at UGP, we’re also working hard to get our hands on the hardware for our customers. Our suppliers tell us the same thing that everyone else hears; apologies with no idea when the situation might ease up.

As for why—Sony cites problems regarding the supply of the semiconductors involved in making the machines, coupled with a demand they simply didn’t expect, they are doing their best to ramp up production. Still, with COVID-19 also a factor in supply chains, it’s not looking bright for the next few weeks and months.

UGP utterly condemns the thieves in the Liverpool case, and we feel nothing but sympathy for the poor people who have had their console stolen from them—as well as their car. Still, if Sony doesn’t start shipping more units soon, it’s likely that more people will end up turning to nefarious means to get their hands on one as the bot and scalper grey market becomes decidedly blacker in nature.