PlayStation 5 VR Controller

Sony Reveal PS5 VR Controls – And They Look Great!

Announced on their PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed the design of the new VR controller, and it’s a far cry from the lightbulb-on-a-stick that virtual reality fans have been putting up with for years.

The new VR controller looks like they took a DuelSense controller, cut it in half, and wrapped it in some cool ‘orb’ designs to give it the balance and weighting that’ll make it a comfortable and easy to use object when you are deep in an alternate immersive space.

It definitely looks modern and wouldn’t have been out of place in any sci-fi film made in the last twenty years showing what the future 2020s would look like.

They are not all about style, though. Sony is promising that the controllers are also the latest in terms of technology. Some of the techs from the groundbreaking PS5 controller will be making it to the new VR controller, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. There are also some great new technologies in there. ‘Finger touch detection’ ensures the controller knows where your fingers are without you having to actually press a button, and tracking that’s done by the VR headset and not with some clunky top-of-the-TV camera.

VR has been touching the edges of gaming for decades now—as David looked at here. With the push Sony is bringing to the technology in recent months, now is the first time it looks to be something that will enter the mainstream. The final reveal (plus the all-important suite of games that will be available) is yet to come, but things are looking good.