ToyZone Super Nintendo Switch Concepts Poster

The ToyZone Nintendo Switch Pro Concept Designs

The next Nintendo Switch console is coming. The rumours have whipped into a frenzy in recent months, with E3 on the way and the Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for June 15 2021.

The additions, updates, and much-awaited designs are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But, can Nintendo beat their current Nintendo Switch in terms of graphics, capability and exclusive software? The whispers about what could be in store for the ‘Switch Pro’ have some solid foundations, though. Reliable leakers have confirmed various small details—such as the spec of the hardware and screens supposedly being produced for it.

Whether Nintendo announces their next console before E3 or during their Direct showcase, we’re hyped to see what’s next for the Switch.

The final look and design of the Switch Pro are still shrouded in mystery. It will likely have the same docking feature with the option to be handheld, but what will it actually look like? Of course, the video game monolith could tap into the fans’ nostalgia and base the design on Nintendo consoles of the past.

Everything from the NES and the Game Boy right through to the beloved GameCube could be thrown into the mix. The concept images below will give you an idea of what these might look like if they’re brought to life. If you’re reading this wishing you already had the Nintendo Switch, take a look through our Nintendo store.

The ToyZone took it a step further and produced 8 concept drawings with animated renders—which you can see in their original article.

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The N64-inspired Switch Pro

The Nintendo 64 Switch (aka. The “Switchty-Four”)

This is the Nintendo ‘Switchy-four’.

The ToyZone’s designs seem to focus on copying the control layout and colouring for that retro vibe. This idea uses the signature high-res, long Switch screen to set it apart from its original predecessor, the N64.

The Mario Kart Switch Pro

The Mario Kart Switch

This might be our favourite, the Mario Kart Switch. We can imagine playing the latest Mario games on this one. Perhaps a special Mario version will be available for Switch Pro, much like the current Nintendo Switch is available with a variety of designs paying homage to Switch games like Mario, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, and Apex Legends.

Would you buy a Mario Kart Switch Pro?

The Game Boy Switch Pro

The Game Boy Switch

Everyone remembers the GameBoy’s iconic shape and design. This concept takes all the most recognisable elements and pairs it with a Switch screen for the Game Boy Switch Pro.

We noticed some of these concepts feature that same light grey colouring of consoles past, so an uber bright and saturated Switch screen would make for an excellent contrast of retro and modern.

The NES Switch Pro

The NES Switch

The NES console was Nintendo’s Western version of the Japanese Famicon. You know you’re an 80’s child when you see this design and that all familiar grey colouring.

The SNES Switch Pro

The SNES Switch

SNES was the console of the 90s. This console design marked the era of softening the edges. Gone are the hard lines of the NES. It was, and still is, a surprisingly ergonomic style, fitting nicely in users’ palms.

The GameCube Switch Pro

The Gamecube Switch

The GameCube was legendary; there’s no better word for it. Perhaps one of the most literally named consoles too. A successor to the N64, it still carried that boxy style that fans know and love from early Nintendo. This design, in particular the colour options, could be a real contender for the Switch Pro.

The Starfox Switch Pro

The Star Fox Switch

The Starfox-inspired Switch Pro design from The ToyZone is phenomenal. It fuses the sharp lines and soft edges that Nintendo experimented with over the years. Did someone say detachable polygon Joy-Cons?

The Nintendo DS Switch Pro

The Foldable Switch

The DS and the 3DS featured dual screens in a foldable format that much resembled the popular flip phones of the time. This clamshell Switch Pro concept design would be practical and fun.

The Nintendo fanbase is growing more and more eager for an eventual confirmation and release of the Switch Pro, whatever it may come to be. Nintendo might have bigger and more modern ideas for the latest Switch console, far exceeding what we’ve seen in past iterations. Fingers crossed, we’ll know more soon!