Nintendo Switch Pro E3 2021 Predictions

The Nintendo Switch Pro has been fuelling the rumour mill since 2020. With E3 coming and Nintendo Direct confirmed as a partnering exhibitor through June 12th-15th, it’s looking like Nintendo will be announcing their biggest projects and upcoming releases. One of these coveted reveals may be the Nintendo Switch Pro—or whatever its official name might be once announced.

Leaks about the newest Nintendo console have been rife with official and unofficial leaks gaining equal attention. The industry whispers have hinted that the Switch Pro will be publicly acknowledged in summer 2021. Although Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed any details regarding this, it seems likely the Switch Pro will be announced during its events for E3.

Manufacturing issues notwithstanding, sources claim that the Switch Pro will be announced this month, and what better opportunity to reveal the newest console than the E3 digital conference. If this becomes a reality, then we could be looking at a release shortly before Christmas 2021.

After Nintendo’s E3 attendance confirmation, it’s clear that Nintendo will be talking about some of their next big game releases. But the interesting factor will be which games are set to be enhanced for Switch Pro. Perhaps new games we haven’t even heard of yet will be announced as Switch Pro exclusives. We can’t speculate too much on that as the evidence isn’t there yet, but the information to date indicates a solid ‘bounty’ of new games from Nintendo.

Multiple rumours surround the Switch Pro and what Nintendo might reveal at E3 concerning it, but what exactly can we expect to hear about Nintendo’s latest, greatest console?

What is the Switch Pro?

If you missed our article giving the detailed rumours for the Switch Pro, it all started with an article from Bloomberg mentioning the potential next-generation of the Switch console. The internet called this rumoured console the ‘Switch Pro’, and it is a strong contender for the official name, as it follows suit with Nintendo’s naming process. They also released the Switch V2 model and the Switch Lite, and the Switch Pro whispers have continued, also throwing in the possibility that the new console will be called the ‘Super Nintendo Switch’.

The Switch Pro is set to be Nintendo’s answer to the Xbox X/S and the PlayStation 5 consoles. The Switch Pro leaks have all mentioned bigger screens, 4K capability, next-gen function, and newly updated games to boot. The Switch Pro will be Nintendo’s next big thing and is likely to be a sell-out with the popularity of its Switch Lite consoles and original Switch consoles.

Switch Pro to be Announced Before E3?

It could turn out that Nintendo decides to announce their next big console ahead of their E3 event. Doing this would allow Nintendo to focus on their software, with huge releases like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4. These titles are long-awaited fan favourites, so it would make sense to give them the dedicated showcase they deserve at E3.

Bloomberg’s latest report on the new Switch leaks is that the console is set to be available on the market sometime between September and October 2021. An early announcement would fit Nintendo’s usual form for hardware reveals. In 2010, the Nintendo 3DS was announced months before the E3 conference.

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With the slew of new games set to be talked about and revealed at E3 2021, it would make sense for Nintendo to clear the way for this by announcing the next-gen Nintendo Switch ahead of E3’s kick off on June 12.

Possible Switch Pro Specs?

We can estimate a few of the specifications for a Nintendo Switch Pro from the details shared from online leakers, as well as some industry knowledge.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa noted in Nintendo’s 80th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that the company wished to extend the lifespan of the Switch. This is likely because of how well the Switch consoles did in 2020.

Similar to the 3DS system previous, the Nintendo Switch system is Nintendo’s current console in focus. The two existing hardware configurations, the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, performed well in all senses. Therefore, it makes sense for the company to work to extend the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch system and make it their central platform, which can be continuously developed and added to.

For the tech lovers, we can guess at a couple of the Switch Pro specs.

Firstly, Bloomberg reported that Samsung would be producing OLED displays for the new Switch. The production for this is set to start in June 2021. These displays are supposedly 7 inches with 720p support. In addition, the Switch Pro is rumoured to also support 4K graphics when docked to a capable TV or monitor.

Secondly, VGC reported that a well-known data miner had unveiled firmware code for an updated “Aula” Nintendo Switch model. The Aula console SciresM references apparently uses the same chip as in the existing Switch consoles but with higher clock speeds. Furthermore, it appears that the firmware would allow for the installation of a 4K UHD Realtek chip. All these signs point toward an upcoming Switch Pro that matches up with the rumoured specs of a high-powered, high-quality Super Switch.

Pricing for the Switch Pro to be Announced at E3?

If a Switch Pro is in the works, it will most certainly have more powerful abilities than the original Switch. It’s likely that, because the Switch Pro will be next-gen optimised, it will be marketed mostly towards hardcore gamers who are willing to spend more for their super-powered gaming experience. With that comes the price tag to match—so don’t expect a bargain little handheld console. With the current Nintendo Switch fetching a considerable £279 still, it’s safe to assume that the Switch Pro will go for between £50 and £100 more. With Nintendo touted to announce their newest console ahead of E3, hopefully, the price will be included in the details released.

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