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Nintendo Switch Pro Confirmed by Bloomberg

There have been a ton of rumours surrounding the expected Switch Pro coming from speculative fans around the globe, but when respected news entities start making announcements, it’s time to believe the hype is real.

In their article about Nintendo’s record Switch game sales year, Bloomberg state:

“Nintendo plans to release a revised version of the Switch in the latter half of this year with a larger and better display as well as upgraded graphics when the hybrid console is plugged into a TV set.”


Some things are easy to read into there. Most obviously, when the new Switch Pro is connected to your TV, it will have 4K resolution support—something many fans have been eager to see.

There’s no doubt that the Switch has been a runaway success, with almost universal love and acclaim for the console, as well as some of the best-regarded games of the era.

One of those is, of course, Breath of the Wild. Could it be that Nintendo manages to get the hotly-anticipated sequel to this best-selling Zelda game ready in time for the Switch Pro launch? Probably not, to be fair, but here’s hoping!

Roll on the ‘latter half’ of 2021!